SH. Shevook-kol Millenium LTD. was established in 2000 and specializes in the marketing, distribution and adaptation of advanced medical solutions for private and public medical facilities. The company is located in Kiryat Bialik in Israel.

Experience, customer service and advanced technology – For over a decade we have been offering our clients a combination of advanced medical equipment, access to information centers, a deep commitment to customer satisfactionand the highest level of service. Our professional team has in-depth and diverse experience in the administrative, marketing and technical fields related to medical equipment. This enables us to effectively and effciently offer custom-made, creative solutions for each and every one of our clients.
We offer a full range of medical solutions from the leading and most trusted companies in the world. Among our vast list of products is 3DHD Endoscopy, Electro-Surgical Equipment, Respiration and Monitoring Equipment, as well as textile bandage and dressing materials for the operating room.

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Advanced technological innovations

Palex Dyane Smart Cabinet

Dyane SmartCabinet is a restricted-access smart cabinet system based on RFID technology for the management of high-cost material

INSORB Absorbable Stapler

The INSORB Absorbable Stapler is a patented skin closure
modality that places a proprietary absorbable staple entirely
underneath the top layer of skin.

3D PRINTING - formerly Simbionix

3D Systems multi-disciplinary simulators play a key role in hands-on medical procedural training.

EcoMed Disposable Cubicale Curtains

The solution to the problem of hospital infections – the new generation of disposable curtains.

Medical Access Flex

Hospital Medical Managment Optimisation

AccuVein AV400

The AccuVein AV400 digitally displays a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time, allowing clinicians to verify vein patency and avoid valves or bifurcations.

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